Communication of COVID-19 related policies in February 2021

The COVID Prison Project continues to track and grade how effectively different systems have utilized their Department of Corrections (DOC) website and social media to communicate their COVID-19 policies to the general populace. Due to the rapid developments concerning COVID-19, it is crucial that systems continue to evaluate and communicate their policies promptly. Clear and frequent communication allows us to better understand the conditions that people who are incarcerated, staff and others who are in frequent contact with these systems, are experiencing. 

In the month of February, all 53 systems continued to provide COVID-19 related information on their DOC website. In comparison to January, there was a decrease in the percentage of policy reporting on Facebook, but an increase in the usage of Instagram. The percentage of policy reporting through Twitter and Youtube remained the same. 

Other Key Findings:

  • Several systems posted about vaccinations. Most notably, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Ohio all shared multiple photos and videos of their staff receiving vaccines or why they received one. 
  • ICE, the Federal BOP, Nevada and Wyoming all received a score of 1 meaning they only provided information through their official website.
  • Both California and Tennessee earned a full score of 6.3, communicating policy related information about their system and P&P through their DOC website as well as all their social media platforms.

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