Other Data Resources

Vera Institute of Justice

The Vera Institute of Justice is monitoring changes in jail populations for 954 counties that are reporting COVID-19 cases.

link to data on github

Public Health Awakened and The Spirit of 1848 COVID-19 Resources

Public Health Awakened, in collaboration with The Spirit of 1848, are crowdsoursing this database to inform public health response to COVID-19 that centers equity, racial justice, collective care, and community building.”

link to google sheet

Unjustly Exposed – an interactive documentary on COVID in prisons and jails

EXPOSED is comprised of quotes, audio clips, and statistics from online publications and broadcasts that are assembled to create a cumulative public record and evolving social history of the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on incarcerated people.

UCLA School of Law COVID-19 Behind Bars Data Project

“In March 2020, in the face of the increasing danger posed by Covid-19 to people held in jails and prisons, the UCLA Prison Law and Policy Program launched the UCLA Covid-19 Behind Bars Data Project. The Project, spearheaded by Professor Sharon Dolovich, tracks Covid-19 conditions in jails and prisons and the efforts — both in and out of court — to decrease jail and prison populations and improve conditions to ensure the safety of residents and staff.”

link to google sheet

Existing Research on the Risk of COVID-19 for Incarcerated Persons

Crowdsourced document of ongoing research, broadly defined to include testimony, expert affidavits, petitions and letters, and studies/analyses pitched at a wide audience.

link to google sheet

The COVID Racial Data Tracker

A partnership between The COVID Tracking Project and American University’s Antiracist Research and Policy Center that regularly records, analyzes, and updates racial data on the pandemic within the United States.

link to first google sheet

link to second google sheet

The Urban Institute Job Tracker

The Urban Institute is tracking where low-income jobs have been lost due to COVID-19 (county and metro area data available).

link to website